Your feet will bring you where your heart is.

Your feet will bring you where your heart is.

May your home always be too small to hold all of your friends.

Our Story

Having spent many years between these very four walls, we’re ready to put our own spin on things. Some faces will be familiar, but you won’t recognize much else! In our year-long endeavour to open our own restaurant, 1301 Queen Street East happened to become available. The gap that was left, while certainly unfortunate, was an opportunity we’re incredibly grateful to have. Considering all the good times that were had, we realize the neighbourhood expects much from us, and we aim to deliver.

With a combined 45+ years in the service industry, and 25+ of those spent in Leslieville alone, we hope to bring you the perfect culmination of all those years of hard work. After all that time, we understand what it takes to create a family of staff and customers.

We take our name and feel from a landscape in the West Coast of Ireland – The Burren. Diverse, mysterious, and picturesque. With several of us coming directly from Ireland, our group is well aware of the fundamentals of the Irish pub.

Friends and families alike will have access to our two dining rooms, large bar area, and of course our incredible street-facing patio. While enjoying our wonderful and extensive menu, customers will also be able to enjoy our amazing artwork scattered around the inside and our mural dominating the patio area, all based on Irish folklore that The Burren landscape so brilliantly lends itself to.

At its core, yes, we’re a rustic Irish pub, however, that doesn’t do it justice – quail ‘wings’, deep-fried pâté, fresh oysters, pints of Guinness and some proper craic! Lot’s of creativity has been put towards this project, which will provide customers with more than an average dining experience. Our patio can seat roughly 100 people, and inside just the same. Sitting at the bar will feature the shucking area, our extensive beer selection, and our wonderful regulars!

With such a lovely neighbourhood to cater to, we hope to show the area off to those who may come from away. Naturally the main feature are the people, so we hope to see you all there!

The Burren – a bit of West Coast Ireland in East-End Toronto.